Cultural Learning and Engagement

Gweagal Cultural Connections provides Aboriginal cultural learning and engagement services for schools and educators across Australia. Contact us today.

We specialise in connecting all levels of education through a unique and personalised cultural learning and engagement experience.

Gweagal Cultural Connections

Founding The Gweagal Cultural Connections

Gweagal Cultural Connections was founded to deliver educational and cultural activities, lessons, workshops, presentations and guest lectures to educational institutions from preschool to university. The aim was to enhance young people’s understanding of the history, people and culture of the land, and we have expanded our reach to work with a wide range of institutions throughout the country.

Gweagal Cultural Connections

Our Presence in the Community

We conduct a comprehensive programme of outreach work to engage the community and ensure that we can provide the maximum benefit to as many people as possible through our process of cultural learning and engagement. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information about our work in the community.

Gweagal Cultural Connections

Find out More About Our Cultural Learning and Engagement Activities:

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